Camrose County Nature Conservation Centre

Your family will have a ton of fun this summer at the new Camrose County Nature Conservation Centre - and it may just bring back some of your childhood memories too.  Pack up a picnic basket and head out of town, just a short 20 minute drive southeast of Camrose takes you into country living at its best.  

Remember the wonderful long days of summer holidays… the sun is beating down on you and your buddies as if it were trying to fry eggs on your heads … and Billie yells “last one in the lake is a rotten egg”?   How shockingly welcome the delightful cool water was on your skin, even though the brutal sun continued to beat down through the cloudless sky.   

And remember the last time you were trying out that new secret fishing hole that Joey told you about that was across the fence and under the big crooked tree limb, but not all the way out to Bobbie’s gate?   Well, the secrets out now that the rainbow trout are biting good at the new fishing hole and there’s swimming too, at the Nature Conservation Centre…so pack up the rods, throw the canoe in the back of your truck and come on out!   

You’ll find lots to do – we have designated areas for swimming and non-motorized boating, there’s a 60 foot depth of water to practice your scuba diving, or try your luck at catching that big ‘rainbow’ to throw over the fire pit and enjoy with your picnic basket of goodies.   After all this activity, take a leisurely stroll along winding nature trails and listen to the birds, or maybe just relax in the sun and catch some rays.  It’s yours for the choosing…Check us out at

By the way, did you know that the Camrose County has gone “green”?    18,400 willows were planted last year and the plan is to eventually use them as bio fuel to heat the County Administration Office.   Way to go Camrose County!