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Hiking Miquelon Lake: a trail-lover's guide

North of Camrose and in the southern part of the fabled Beaver Hills biosphere lies Miquelon Lake Provincial Park. This gem is a long-time family favourite for birdwatching, nature, camping and soft adventure experiences. However, did you realize that this enticing provincial park has more than 20kms of multi-use trails?  Open to hiking and mountain biking, there are three must-do adventures that make three great reasons to explore Miquelon Lake Provincial Park and to #choosecamroseregion time, after time, after time!

Lace up your shoes, grab some binoculars, and enjoy the immersive natural environment at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park!

Moose Trail, 1.5kms one way

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate (a short but steady rolling trail with a couple hills)

A short, but sweet trail that gets less attention than all the others. This is an out and back trail that leads to a hidden viewing deck for watching a thriving beaver pond. Aptly named, the trail is a perfect vantage point for watching many wildlife including moose.  The best time for spotting wildlife is early morning or late evening in summer (though, wear bug spray or a jacket!). 

Holdsworth Trail, 3.5km loop

Difficulty: Moderate (for more hills and extra length)

This trail loops through a beautiful conservation land donated to Alberta Parks years ago—the site of a former homestead. Enjoy a loop around another highly productive beaver pond with numerous viewpoints.  Garter snakes are common on this trail, and lots of hills up and down offer a better option for after camp-dinner exercise than some of the other options in the park. Short enough to bring the family and get their hiking legs moving for bigger objectives another day!

Grouse Loop (and others) 7 to 9km

Difficulty: Moderate/Difficult (depending on chosen length)

Get a taste of what the Beaver Hills were like decades ago. Several shorter loop options offer bailouts in the event of poor weather. This trail traverses the vast knob and kettle terrain that pockmarks the Beaver Hills with several bridges, picnic sites and open viewpoints to make your time worthwhile. Two historic sites are also good locations to admire the toil and effort of the area’s first homesteaders (just do not enter the buildings—these older cabins are not secure!).  If the length is a little intimidating, bring a mountain bike and make this hike just fly by. 

Key hiking tips in Miquelon Lake:

  • Early mornings and later evenings are great for wildlife watching, but bad for bugs. Come prepared.

  • These hikes have little or no cell phone service coverage and require the same attention and care as longer hikes elsewhere. Bring a backpack with food, bug spray, a jacket and make a trip plan (let people know where you went).

  • Encountering wildlife is likely—give wildlife of all sizes and shapes space and respect.

  • These trails are ideal for families getting out to explore. A chariot or wheeled terrain stroller is ideal for use here. Be prepared for fallen trees though (our trail crews do their best, but park beavers are very active (art of the natural cycle in a provincial park).

Got questions? Visit the Miquelon Lake Provincial Park website for more info and for trail conditions.

Happy trails!

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