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Camrose Off Leash
Dog Parks

With one permanent dog park (behind Walmart) and specific summer and winter off-leash dog parks at Stoney Creek Park and the Golf Course respectively, we've got space for you and your dog to play without a leash! Dogs are welcome (on leash) in all parks in Camrose, however.

Just so you know


1-3 hours
1 year round, 2 seasonal

Year round: behind the Walmart (see map below)

Summer: the Stoney Creek Valley South of the ring road is an off-leash area.

Winter: the Golf Course is an off-leash area.

Dog catches a ball in an off-leash dog park

Off-Leash Dog Park Rules

  • These are shared, multi-use facilities; respect other dogs and owners.

  • Dogs are to be wearing a current license, identification and owner contact tag(s).

  • Dogs must be accompanied by their owner who must be able to maintain effective verbal control of their dog at all times.

  • Dogs must be both dog and human friendly.

  • Dogs involved in aggressive incidents must leave the area immediately.

  • Dogs must be: a minimum of six months of age, immunized and spayed/neutered.

  • A leash not exceeding two meters (six feet) must be carried at all times.

  • Be sure to dispose of your dog's waste in designated containers.

  • Designated "dangerous dogs" and "guard dogs" are not permitted in these areas.

  • Owners are responsible for the behaviour, welfare and safety of their dog(s) while using these areas. Owners are personally liable for any damages or injury their dog inflicts or receives...the City of Camrose is not.

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