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Camrose Ski Hill

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1-3 hours

Year round

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Stoney Creek Park

This iconic hill in Stoney Creek Park was the site of ski jumping, cross country skiing, and luge.

The ski hill in Camrose was the site ski jumping. By 1911, local Scandinavian settlers had constructed a 50 foot tower and held their first jumping competition in 1912. Skis were made of hickory or oak with a traditional Norwegian binding. The original ski jump was replaced several times throughout the 1920s and 1930s.

The ski jump was rebuilt again in 1965 but later dismantled in the late 1960s. Another jump was constructed of welded pipes and a wooden slide surface in preparation of hosting the 1990 Alberta Winter Games. Modern day ski jumpers go much farther than historically making the Stoney Creek Valley unsuitable for hosting ski jumping competitions. In 2016, this jump was dismantled marking the end of an era.

The ski hill has several challenging cross country ski trails that people can classic or skate ski up and down. The face of the ski hill is also a popular tobogganing place as the groomed surface makes for an excellent sliding experience.

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