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Ferry Point Campground

Explore Ferry Point Campsite, a facility located near Edberg in the Division No. 10 region in Alberta, Canada. Ferry Point Campsite has 20 total sites, all of which are suitable for RVs.

Is canoeing your thing? Paddle from the Edberg Weir to Ferry Point. Learn more.

You're sure to find one of the most alluring spots when you drive east on secondary road 609, from highway 56, to RR184, then south. As you wander the back roads, you visibly see the landscape transform before your eyes. The area has been described as "Drumheller with trees!" My imagination goes farther than any other known place on earth. The land twists and turns, with buttes rising up seemingly inexplicably; monuments to happenings thousands and thousands of years before. When you wander that way, suddenly, you will be ensconced with twirling rivers, dancing prairie grasses, darting rocks and hills, and intoxicating historical significance. Believe it or not, The Ferry Point Historical Society invites you to sleep smack in the middle of this intriguing gem. They volunteer to care for a camp site that has been erected on the very site that once boasted a bustling settlement, centred on the ferry service that was once life giving to the area.

The campground is on an honour pay system. It will be back country camping at it's finest, since the area has been left to shine in its original glory as much as possible. You can choose spots that offer visions of coloured rocks and buttes, rising around you, or cuddle closer to the twists and turns of the Battle River. The area is known to have a rich Native and Settler heritage. Once you go, you'll join the thousands of other souls who have already been impacted by this magical spot.

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May 1 to September 30

20 unserviced sites available. First come, first served.

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Range Rd 184, Rosalind, AB

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