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Stoney Creek Park

Stoney Creek Park is a primary access point for the cross country ski trails in winter and access to both paved and mowed trails for mixed use.

Just so you know


1-3 hours
Year round

Where to access the park:
  • Stoney Creek Centre at the end of 39 Ave
  • Four Seasons Rotary Park on 50 St. West of Augustana

Walk, bike, or long board on the paved trails. Experience more on the mowed cross country running trails (summer) and groomed Nordic skiing (winter).

Walking loops from the Stoney Creek Centre

- Stoney Creek Loop, 44 Ave version (4.1km), 1 hour

- Stoney Creek Park Loop (2km), 35 minutes

Stoney Creek Centre with a garden and Ampitheater in front of it.
Cross country skiers visit while having a rest.


Parking at the Stoney Creek Centre

With over 20km of groomed classic and skate skiing trails, you can tackle the hills or keep it on the flats traversing through the scenic river valley.


Parking at the Stoney Creek Centre

Learn about some history in Camrose and take cover from sun and rain in the covered picnic area.

Park bench along the paved and mowed trails in Stoney Creek Park.
Kids play on the natural objects playground in Stoney Creek Park.


Parking at the Stoney Creek Centre

The natural playground near the Stoney Creek Centre is a fun stop with a great view overlooking the river valley.


Parking at the Stoney Creek Centre

Slide down the well groomed, historical ski hill. Make sure you stop before you get to the creek at the bottom!

A historic picture of the Camrose Ski Hill
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